Talking Shot Photography Podcast

Ep.10 - Black and White Landscapes - David Wilson

Episode Summary

Ross, Esther & Jim are joined by Black and White Photographer David Wilson.

Episode Notes

David Wilson, is a rare breed. When you see his Black and White landscapes you will see why he shoots this way. David also shares how he has widened his wings for portraiture with his own style of course. Plus why he shoots in such a distinctive style.

As David says: The landscape of Pembrokeshire and in the wider context, Wales, provides an idyllic playground for a black and white landscape photographer. In my work I seek to capture the country’s many different faces; the windswept coast of mid-winter, a derelict farm cottage, the faded grandeur of a rural chapel or the rugged contours of a mountain pass. The story of Wales is told through its landscape and it is this narrative that I seek to capture in my work.

You can get in touch with David or view his work on the links below:

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